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Sforzato PMC−02EX Master Clock

MSRP: $3,500


10 MHz sine wave
Output Impedance
50 Ω
Output Terminal
1 BNC terminal
Output Level
7 dBm
234 (W) x 236 (D) x 92 (H) mm

Master clock that determines sound quality

All digital audio equipment such as network players, D/A converters, and CD players operate on the clock generated by the internal clock generator. When a digital signal is converted to an audio signal, it operates based on this clock, so the quality of the clock greatly affects the sound quality. The Sforzato master clock generator supplies a much higher quality clock than the built‐in clock of the device, and contributes to a dramatic improvement in sound quality.

Ultra−low near phase noise

The clock performance required for audio is not accuracy but noise characteristics. In particular, phase noise near the oscillation frequency, where the performance of the oscillator is directly linked to the sound, is important. The PMC−02EX clock oscillator is a large OCXO (constant temperature layer oscillator) that boasts near‐phase noise characteristics that surpass those of high‐performance rubidium.

Power supply with a margin

The clock is equipped with a large, generous, discrete analog power supply that uses a large‐capacity toroidal transformer and an ultra‐high‐speed, ultra‐low‐noise SiC Schottky diode to maximize the performance of the transmitter.

Discerning internal wiring and output terminals

With the cooperation of Sekiguchi Machinery Sales Co., Ltd. (Acoustic Revive), the internal wiring uses an elliptical single‐wire PC‐triple C wire. The purity of the power supply and signal is ensured by using a laborious wiring method that does not use a connector as much as possible.