Pachanko Brand Overview

Founded in 2013, Pachanko Labs is a French audio manufacturer company from La Réunion island. Their team is composed of audiophiles enthusiasts, music lovers, and engineers with a profound passion for excellent digital sound reproduction.

All Pachanko Labs products are manufactured in La Réunion with the best components available today, most of them are tailor‐made to meet demanding manufacturers requirements.

Pachanko Labs build their own O‐Core transformer. The appearance of O‐core transformer looks like a ring, and the cross-section of the O‐core transformer is round, this is different from a toroidal transformer. The O‐core transformer has the advantages of both toroidal and R‐core transformers. O‐core has no cut, no break point, and O‐core has a round cross-section, which reduced the wire length of each turn (low DCR for each turn). So O‐core transformer has high efficiency.

Pachanko designs and manufactures its Hi‐End servers based on customized Windows OS, specially tuned to work with Roon for maximum sound quality. The famous HQPlayer can also be used with Roon, which gives the highest sound quality.

One of the important achievements of Pachanko servers is the use of a specially developed Diretta network data transfer protocol, which the company specially configures for its tasks to achieve uncompromising sound quality.