How Sforzato Works

Sforzato DSP (Digital Stream Player) consists of a DAC (same as DSC) and a integrated board with a powerful CPU, which under custom firmware performs all tasks related to receiving digital data over the network and subsequent D/A conversion. Since the Sforzato DSP−xxx is a network player, you need to take advantage of the Ethernet connection over USB. But Sforzato DSP−xxx can be used just like a normal USB DAC since all units have USB input.

It is recommended after each reconnection to restart Sforzato by turning it off and on again after 5 seconds. This has a positive effect on its performance.

How to Connect Sforzato DSP−xxx to a Server

By Ethernet

Sforzato is compatible with any Network Servers that use a server app such as Twonky Media Server, Minimserver, and Asset UPnP over the standard UPnP/Open Home protocol, and also Roon. Sforzato is also compatible with servers that support the DIRETTA Hi‐End protocol (such as Fidata, Soundgenic, Pachanko) or with servers running on Windows with the Diretta driver. In this case, we can get very high sound quality!

Compatibility with other server apps is also possible, but this needs to be checked. Sforzato via Ethernet (LAN) cable must be connected to your router. The Server is also connected there via Ethernet. Some advanced servers (Fidata, Melco, etc.) can connect directly to Sforzato via LAN cable, bypassing the router.

Full control of network Sforzato—Server is done on a tablet or smartphone via free applications such as LINN KAZOO (main), LINN Kinsky (old), and Fidata Music app. You can also use any other DLNA/Open Home controllers (m-connect, Bubble UPnP, Lumin, etc).

Make sure your smartphone is connected to the same network as the server!

In case ROON CORE is installed on the server, it is very easy to use Sforzato DSP−xxx as a Roon Ready endpoint (player) since Sforzato is fully Roon Ready. The quality of LAN cables greatly affects the sound in any case.


You can also connect Sforzato DSP−xxx to the server via USB. Sforzato DSP−xxx and DSC-xxx are equipped with input USB Audio Class 2.0 devices. In this case, the server will also perform the function of a player, and Sforzato will only perform a network DAC. Control will also be carried out using the same apps. In this case, the sound quality will be noticeably worse than with an Ethernet connection.

How to Connect Sforzato DSP−xxx to Windows PC

Via USB (standard)

This is a standard connection where you may need to install the Sforzato USB driver on your PC. But usually, Windows finds and installs this driver on its own the first time you connect. If necessary, the driver can be downloaded from here: To play music files from a computer, you can use any soft player (Foobar, J‐river, Album Player, etc.), in the output menu of which you must select ASIO SFORZATO USB AUDIO in advance.

By LAN (Diretta)

This is a unique opportunity to get the maximum sound quality from any Windows PC, as it allows Sforzato to become a LAN–DAC, which is much more efficient and quality than USB–DAC. In this case, you need to download and install the Diretta driver from here:

After that, connect your PC and Sforzato DSP−xxx directly with a high‐quality Ethernet (LAN) cable. To play music files from a computer, you also use any soft player (Foobar, J‐river, Album Player, etc.), in the output menu of which you select ASIO SFORZATO DIRETTA.

How to Stream Tidal & Qobuz from the Internet


The easiest and most convenient way is to use the ROON app, which already has all the streaming services. Just connect Sforzato to Roon Server or PC with Roon Core installed and select Sforzaro DSP−xxx as the end point (player).

Control Apps

Now it is also possible to access TIDAL & QOBUZ directly (without server or PC), via some control apps, such as Bubble UPnP and m‐connect. To do this, just connect Sforzaro to the Internet, launch the app on your phone or tablet and select the appropriate streaming service in the “Library” menu.

Make sure your smartphone is connected to the same network as the server!

Directly (Coming Soon)

By the end of 2022, Sforzaro will launch its own DSP−based streaming platform with direct access to TIDAL, Qobuz, and Amazon HD streaming services through all apps.