ETP Pure Copper

ATL Power company uses custom‐made ETP pure copper (Electro Tough‐Pitch), also known as cathode electrolytic copper. This copper, purity of which is 99.99%, has conductivity of not less than 100% of IACS (SGS certified) and nearly zero current loss at its transmission. Most manufacturers use brass or phosphor bronze for the production of power connectors, whose electrical conductivity is very low. Brass has only 25–30%, and phosphor bronze — about 13%.

ATL ETP Copper

Due to the very high conductivity of ETP copper, we have very low contact resistance, thanks to which the current flows smoothly and results in a dramatic improvement in sound performance on a power system. It gives a big advantage to ATL connectors in comparison with other brands!

ETP copper is also highly plastic and resilient. This copper has excellent electrical and heat conductivity, good anti‐corrosion, weatherproof properties, and also sufficient hardness for use in power connectors, thanks to special ATL treatment.

ATL ETP Copper Contacts


ATL’s design of connectors significantly increases the buckle of safety and durability of the connector and lets the connector blade to be closely integrated with the copper wire.

For the Power Plugs and IEC connectors, ATL has developed a special wire buckle design that allows the bare wire to fit snugly to the contact surface and be tightly pressed by a non‐magnetic screw. ATL female clip, designed with the strength of force on both sides, reinforced the steel strength of pure copper clip with increasing contact area by 30% of the front surface. Because of enlarged areas of contact, the current/frequency has less resistance. It not only improves the power connector’s safety but also its performance in the sound. The audio system, therefore, gets the best results.

ATL Power Plug Contacts ATL IEC Connector Contacts

European−style Power Plugs

Both pins of SCHUKO Power Plugs European‐style and all pins of Power Inlets ETP‐600 and ETP‐700 made from one piece of ETP copper on precision CNC machines. The increased area of direct contact of the wire clamped inside the copper pin gives a very big advantage and is the biggest difference from other brands.

At the factory, perforation of pure silver bands is done by computer stamping. During the process, the oxides are completely removed by etching. It’s followed by a washing process that removes residual liquid nitrogen. At the last stage of production, contacts get grinded and then polished to a shiny surface. At last, contacts are covered with a layer of rhodium, and polishing is repeated.

American−style receptacles

For American‐style receptacles (USA outlet) ATL company has developed and implemented its own contact design. Special five‐leaf clamp design allows to get a smoother and more stable contact with the enlarged contact surface, but at the same time has sufficient clamping force without damaging layer of the coating during repeated use. Perhaps this is the most ideal contact in terms of electrical and sound results.

ATL Receptacle Contacts

The clamping screws are made of non‐magnetic stainless steel and brass and are color-coded: Live — brass, Neutral — white and Ground — green.

Housing Material

ATL power plug and IEC connector housing is made of custom‐made A‐class flexibility and high impact/fire‐proof nylon material. It is not only for safety considerations in audio, but it is also helpful in terms of medium/low frequency performance. This is what ATL studied long‐term and made other materials through comparison and testing.

Different hardness of the material produces different sound. It was found that some harder materials make the sound more energetic, with the articulated bass, while softer materials influence on all range, making the sound more solid and smooth. All these features are balanced in ATL connectors.


Plating Technology

Except for products from pure ETP copper without covering, ATL Power manufactures connectors with two types of plating: gold plating and unique non‐magnetic multi‐layer plating. Thanks to years of research and listening tests ATL Power has developed the non‐magnetic, multi‐layer (Cu–Ag–Au–Rh) plating that creates a wide and deep sound stage, big sound images, great and articulated bass, and details are expressed perfectly.

ATL Multi‐Layer Plating Schematic
  • Cu (Pure Copper)
    Makes the performance of all frequency range smooth, solid, and natural
  • Ag (Silver Plating)
    Strengthens the performance of high‐frequency range, making the sound of ETP copper more open and detailed
  • Au (Gold Plating)
    Softens the full‐range frequency, making the sound of ETP copper with silver plating more mellow and plastic
  • Rh (Rhodium Plating)
    Strengthens the whole range of extremely high frequency to create an overall sense of space and air and to demonstrate an unprecedented performance

ATL is using Pure Rh plating, which is whiter, compared to other brands Rh plating. The arrangement of each plating layer, electroplating composition, and plating thickness all contribute to different sound characteristics, which harmoniously combine together and raise the sound quality of the connectors to a new Hi‐level.

This is the ATL’s key of know‐how.


ETP copper products are softer than brass due to their material characteristics.

Care must be taken to slowly wiggle brass screws into copper contacts and brute force should not be used for this. Please use a quality screwdriver T6 star‐type for this. It is very important that excessive force is not exerted onto the components.