True Power Lab

Key Points

True Power Lab company is dedicated to creating Hi‐End cables with perfectly even and true performance at an affordable price.

Thought out Materials and Assembly

As a result of many years of research, tests and listenings, the materials for the conductors were carefully selected, the internal geometry and a step‐by‐step method of manual assembly of each cable were developed.

A unique alloy of high grade copper with platinum, palladium, beryllium and osmium has a densely packed multilayer crystal lattice, and in combination with selected dielectrics, has undeniable advantages in sound quality compared to most similar materials used in the audio industry.

Art of Production

The production of our cables is a complex set of the latest innovations, where the high electrical conductivity of such alloys, combined with the careful selection of different conductor diameters in a single cable and multi‐level shielding, is extremely effective in reproducing the finest musical details.

Each cable is handcrafted with great attention to detail to ensure high sonic and musical excellence.