Key Points

True Power Lab brand is dedicated to creating Hi−End cables with perfectly smooth and true performance at an affordable price.

True Power Lab

Thought out Materials and Construction

Cable production is a complex set of innovative technologies. As a result of many years of research, tests, and listenings, the materials for the conductors, combinations of their diameters and dielectrics, were carefully selected.

The unique alloy of high‐grade copper with Platinum Group metals has a densely packed multilayer crystal lattice, many important properties, and ideal electrical conductivity. We use combinations of different alloys and dielectrics to achieve the maximal smooth sound balance.

True Power Lab Interconnect Cables


The alloys used are 15% Palladium (+85% copper), 10% Platinum (+90% copper) and 3% Osmium (+97% copper). This, in combination with selected dielectrics and special conductor geometry, gives effective control of skin effects and has undeniable advantages in sound quality compared to most similar materials used in the audio industry.

Digital series cables use solid‐core PC‐TripleC copper made in Japan.

True Power Lab Interconnect Cables

Art of Production

In the production of the cables, special attention is paid to the control of vibration and electrostriction. All cables are equipped with special high‐efficiency aluminum alloy damping sleeves located at critical cable points and on connectors, which balance and control the cable parameters uniformly across the frequency range and beyond.

The step‐by‐step method of hand assembly of each cable with great attention to detail ensures high sonic and musical excellence.

True Power Lab Digital Cables