Alex Sound Technology + Songer Audio
at T.H.E. Show 2023

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At the invitation of our friend, the manufacturer of excellent speakers, Songer Audio, we together took part in the T.H.E. Show in Costa Mesa, CA.

Songer Audio + Alex Sound Technology Wows the Serinus
by Jason Victor Serinus
Then came Gregory Porter's “I am at Ease in the Arms of a Woman.” This certified audiophile classic sounded so clear and musical that the man sitting next to me whispered “Wow” under his breath.
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Songer Audio and Alex Sound Technology: T.H.E. Show 2023
by Robert Silva
One of the strangest looking loudspeakers at T.H.E. Show also produced some of the best sound driven by the Takatsuki TA–S01 300B Power Amplifier. Bold and beautiful sounding room.
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Super Innovative Field Coil Speaker — Songer Audio, Takatsuki — The Home Entertainment Show 2023
by Jason Messina
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Songer Audio and Takatsuki on What’s Best Forum
by Steve Williams
This room lit up my ears .The amp is killer and the speakers that Ken makes are a thing of beauty. The synergy in this room was magnificent. This is a must hear room.
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T.H.E. Show 2023 Coverage & Sneak Peek Review of upcoming gear!
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The Home Entertainment Show 2023
by Gary Alan Barker
Songer Audio paired up with Alex Sound Technology to show their Songer Audio S2 Field Coil Loudspeaker using the Takatsuki TA‐S01 Tube Power Amplifier with the Sforzato DSP-030EX2 Network Player and a Pachanko Server Constellation MINI-SE Music Server.
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