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IeGO AC−01 Ag−Rh Pure Silver Hi−End Power Inlet Rhodium Plated Top of the line

MSRP: $115


Conductor Materials
IeGO PUM OCC Pure Silver 99.999% 24K Rhodium Plated
Cryo−treatment at −196°C for 20 hours
Rated Voltage
15A – 125V AC
Contact Dimensions
width — 6 mm, thickness — 2 mm
Included Accessory
2 mounting screws, 3 gold plated contact screws, 3 silver plated copper ring terminals
Housing Material
Highest grade PC flame retardant GE 940A Polycarbonate

This product complies with international electrical inspection regulations and operating standards UL/CE (Europe/US/Canada), JET/PSE (Japan), BSMI (Taiwan), CCC (China), VDE (Germany).

Sound Characteristics

These connectors, in comparison with other silver products, don’t have bright and sharp sound. IeGO silver connectors sound smooth, neutral, and rich, with excellent dynamic power and lots of natural details.

For maximum performance of this product, prior to use allow longer burn‐in time.

Additional Information

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Do not attempt to install AC−01 yourself if you do not have any experience with AC power. If you are not sure about your skill, please ask experienced professional to install it.

Recommendations for installing the Power Inlet

The IeGO company does not recommend soldering on AC−01 power inlets. As thickness of pins is twice more standard and thermal conductivity of contacts is extremely high, it is therefore very difficult to solder contacts without melting the plastic housing. This can lead to damage of housing geometry, and could potentially lead to damage of AC−01 and/or your equipment.

For safe installation of AC−01 we recommend to use mounting accessory set, which is included in the package.